Hosting and support for Winbiz software
  • Winbiz support

    Our Winbiz specialists are able to help you with the configuration and use of the software

Winbiz hosting

Winbiz specialist for more than 20 years, we host your Winbiz software on our servers so that you can access it from anywhere and via any type of device as long as you have an internet connection. In order to avoid any loss of data that could put your company in difficulty, we back up your data every day and restore them in case of a problem. In addition, the performance of our servers allows you to work smoothly and securely.

Winbiz support

Our Winbiz experts are at your disposal for the installation of the software, its configuration (layouts, headers, etc.) as well as various adjustments. If you have any difficulties, we are able to train you so that you can work efficiently and without constraints.

Our extensions


Synchronize in a few clicks your Winbiz (products, stocks, orders, etc.) with your Prestashop store

Gestion de vendanges

Manage the administrative part of the harvest in a simple, fast and intuitive way